About Us

At And sew we begin...

We hope to help and inspire others begin their own crafting journey by selling fabric and products that we love and regularly use. We offer private lessons and workshops as we enjoy introducing sewing in different forms and are here to guide you in starting a new rewarding hobby!  Passing skills and techniques on gives us tremendous pleasure. 

About me

My name is Rhiannon and I love all things textile!!

I am fascinated by items you can make with fabric and thread. The list is endless as every day we are surrounded by sewn items from clothing to car seats!

It all began when my mum taught me as a child to knit and sew. Being an only child with no siblings to play with, mum thought it was a good way of keeping me occupied during the cold and wet winters in North Wales, how right she was!! The basic skills I learnt sitting by the fire were invaluable and have kept me amused ever since!

After leaving school I’ve worked in various environments from horse racing to driving school buses, but throughout the various occupations I have had, I've always been a keen crafter and made various items from fabric by hand and machine from lorry interior panels to textile art!!

My passion for fabric and craft hoarding needed to be addressed so I decided to open my own little shop.  So here I am! 

Happy sewing and crafting

Rhiannon xx