Gremlins, new fabric and me!

Ok, as I've already admitted my computer skills are nearly non existent and this week has been considerably stressful!  I have discovered that some of Spectrum's colour photos have mysteriously disappeared from some devices! Information is there, but no lovely colours for you see! They seem to be there if you look at my website via a PC but alas depending on the size of your phone, the smaller the better so it seems!  I'll get there but it might take a little time for me (or probably more likely someone else) to diagnose the issue! I'm blaming the little computer Gremlins!

New Fabric - I was so excited that the amazing Alison Glass Art Theory has arrived with some complimenting Makower Spectrum Solids! Already customers are busy making with these beautiful fabrics! What would you make? I'm considering a new bag but what type to make? Decisions! Decisions! 

Plus I'm also pleased I've just learned to add a photo! Yay!! Not quite where I wanted it and not sure how you add more than one either!  But hey, that's for another day, time for some sewing now! 

Have a good day!